Dog Won’t Walk Across The Street Unless His Human Holds His Hand

From the time we are very young, we are taught the proper way to cross the street. We probably even have our parent’s voices ringing in our heads as we look left, right, and left again.

The advice that our parents gave us for crossing the street was a safeguard for us. There were also other ways that we were kept safe, including holding our parent’s hands.

Photo: Flickr/avery ng License: CC BY-SA 2.0

As it turns out, it’s not only humans who appreciate that gesture, our loyal dogs can appreciate it as well. This was seen clearly on the streets of Kathmandu, and you are going to love it.

When it comes to dog videos, there is never one that isn’t worth our attention. From reunion videos to funny tricks, dogs seem to be able to capture our attention and keep it.

On this particular day, Natalie Compton was heading for the Everest base camp. She wanted to report on some good news and as a journalist, she was always looking for a good story.

Photo: TikTok/NatBCo

It was while she was on her way and was still in Kathmandu, Nepal, that she saw something totally unexpected. She had been taking videos of dogs, and there were plenty of them in town.

At one point, she pointed her camera toward a man and his dog and she got a rare treat. She was outside of the gym resting after her workout when it unfolded in front of her.

The dog was standing there beside his owner, and she started taking the video right away. She wasn’t expecting much out of it, but she got something that all of us love.

Photo: TikTok/NatBCo

When the man and his dog went to cross the street, he reached out his hand and the dog took it in his paw. They then walked hand in hand across the street from one side to another.

The dog was up on his hind legs and it had to hustle to keep up with the owner and stay out of the way of traffic. Fortunately, they had hold of each other, so it was a beautiful thing to see.

After taking the video, she put it on her Twitter account and it went viral for every good reason.

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