Dog Goes To Spring Training And Catches A Home Run Ball

Spring training is an exciting time of year for baseball fans. Apparently, this also includes the four-legged kind, as you are about to see.

This took place during a spring training game. The Los Angeles Dodgers were playing the Kansas City Royals when the Dodgers second baseman, Michael Bush, hit the ball over the fence.

Photo: Twitter/SInow

The ball went into a grassy area on the other side of the fence, and fans were quick to start running after it. Little did they know there was somebody there who would be faster at chasing it.

It was a dog, who was all too happy to grab the home run ball and run with it. As you can imagine, he wasn’t about to give up the ball, but after some coaxing, he finally gave it up.

Photo: Twitter/SInow

I guess he was a Dodgers fan because the man who lifted the ball into the air after retrieving it from the pooch had on a Dodgers jersey.

It was a great game for everyone involved. In the end, the Dodgers lost 6-3, but people were still happy to go home with such a precious memory.

Photo: Twitter/SInow

Many people have forgotten just how enjoyable spring training can be. It isn’t just about the game, it’s about the camaraderie and looking forward to a season of fun and enjoyment.

Perhaps this dog’s love for the game will help us to remember why we love it so much. You can watch the moment for yourself in the video below:

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