Is It This Or That? Viral Optical Illusion Seamlessly Transitions From One Floof To Another

Look! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… Is it a dog? No, it’s a cat!

A peculiar video has people scratching their heads. The first question that comes to mind is what is a dog doing on top of a roof? Second, and probably the more important question, is where the heck is the rest of its body?!

PHOTO: Pixabay/staffordgreen0

The original video is in a foreign language, but I found a version with an English voiceover. (Side note: I would have never thought that there’d be a dubbed version of viral videos. Really, you learn something every day.)

The video opens with the mysterious creature viewed from far away. As the camera slowly zooms in, the dog’s face becomes clearer.

Weirdly enough, the person behind the camera began ‘pspspsps-ing’ at the dog. For those of you who don’t know what pspsps is, it’s just an onomatopoeia and is used to catch the attention of a cat.

Lo and behold, calling out to the “dog” worked, and it revealed its true identity.

PHOTO: Youtube/Inside Edition

Tada! It’s a cat, everybody. The seemingly decapitated head of a dog turns out to be just a cat. This one’s a cool optical illusion. Such a perfect marking, though. It looks like a labrador when it’s turned around like that. Hey, just think of it as having 2 pets in 1, right? The independence of a cat while having the adorable face of a dog. That’s a jackpot right there.

Give your brain a little tickle and watch the optical illusion in the video below.

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