Bus Picks Up Dogs For “School” Every Day In Alaska

It’s not uncommon for parents to wake up in the morning and wave their kids goodbye as they board the bus to school.

Typically, that’s an experience that parents only have with their children, but in Skagway, Alaska, pet parents can enjoy the same thing thanks to Mo Mountain Mutts.

As part of Mo Mountain Mutts, dogs in the program are picked up on a bus from their homes and shuttled off to “school” where they can socialize and learn new skills.

The program is a dog training and walking service run by Mo and Lee Thompson, and it’s become quite popular on social media thanks.

Mo and Lee often show off the bus and dogs riding on it on Instagram and TikTok. Once the dogs are picked up from their homes, they’re buckled in (because safety first) and offered a treat.

As you can imagine, it’s not easy to manage a bus full of dogs so each pup is screened for behavior before joining. Even the most well-behaved dogs sometimes need a reminder in manners, and Mo and Lee have some “mentor dogs” that encourage the younger pups to stick with the pack and follow directions.

As part of each school day, the dogs work on socialization with humans and pups alike. They’re also given the opportunity to play and engage physically and mentally.

At the end of the day, they’re loaded back onto the bus and shuttled back home to their owners. How neat is that?

Check out some of the videos below:

@mo_mountain_mutts Lu’s first pack walk #newbie #dogs #complimentaryliver ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

@mo_mountain_mutts Doggy School! #doggyschool #gooddog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Happy Funny – LuxxMusic
@mo_mountain_mutts Soggy Doggy on a Loggy #soggydoggy #dogsoftiktok #dogwalker #gooddog #dogsonalog ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts
@mo_mountain_mutts Puppy Toad Trip #roadtrip #fyp #dogsoftiktok ♬ ROADTRIP – Ković Red

You can keep up with Mo Mountain Mutts and their dogs on Instagram or TikTok!

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