Welcome Home, Deer! Dog Is Proud and Excited to Introduce New Friend to His Whole Family

Another heartwarming video on Reddit’s popular r/aww community! A dog who brought home a deer who’s become his friend!

Everyone gets amazed when pets make friends with other animals in the wild. You would think that they would be cautious of each other, especially when both belong to different species. But it’s one of nature’s miracles that delight our hearts!

Photo: Reddit Video/u/JettMe_Red

Let’s discover more about this wild animal that this doggo was proud to introduce to his whole family!

The large deer family (Cervidae) with about 50 species includes elk, caribou, moose, wapiti, and muntjacs. They are the second most diverse family after bovids, under which antelopes, sheep, goats, bison, and buffalo are classified.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/JettMe_Red

The smallest deer is the Southern pudu, based on data from the ARKive project. It weighs only about 9 kilograms and grows to only about 14 inches (36 centimeters). On the other hand, the moose is the largest in the deer family and can grow up to 2 meters from hoof to shoulder, with a weight that can reach up to 820 kilograms.

With the exception of the Chinese water deer, all male deer species have antlers. However, in the case of reindeer or caribou, both male and female grow antlers. These antlers are composed of nerves and blood vessels that die when they are fully grown, and then the deer rubs its antlers against a tree to remove the dead cells. And yes, deer shed their antlers every year, which regrow in a matter of time.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/JettMe_Red

What’s more, deer are sociable creatures. They travel in herds, with a dominant male often leading the group.

But in this case, it’s a dog who led this deer to his home to meet his loving family, including his human owner. And the deer was even welcomed with a free dinner! These two will surely become such good friends!

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