Kind Neighbor Leaves Cash And Apology After Dog Breaks Christmas Decoration

We could all use a little more love and kindness in our lives, which is something one set of neighbors is hoping to show.

It all started when Niko (TikTok user @bruno_bulldogge) discovered an unusal video on her Ring doorbell camera. It was a woman apologizing and leaving money for something her dog had done.

Photo: TikTok/@bruno_bulldogge

Apparently, the woman was walking her dog near Niko’s house when the pup got caught in one of her decorative candy canes and broke it.

While many people would’ve hurried on their way and not looked back, the woman immediately picked up the candy cane and walked to the front door.

Photo: TikTok/@bruno_bulldogge

She felt terrible about the broken decoration and placed $20 in a flower pot near the door so the homeowner could buy a replacement. She also said how terribly sorry she was and explained where she lived (just a few houses down) in case the homeowner wanted more money for the damages.

You can see the Ring footage for yourself in the TikTok video below:

@bruno_bulldogge Honesty and sincerity still exists in people. This lady felt so bad over a $ tree candy cane. But she did what was right as I hope you would too. I returned her money to her and thanked her. God is going to bless her 🙌🏼 #kindness#honesty#merrychristmas#caughtoncamera#ring#godbless#fyp#fypシ#viral#thankful#bekind ♬ original sound – Niko_Germanese

In a follow-up video, Niko said that she was so pleased by the woman’s apology and cash that she made a little gift bag for her and walked it over to her house. She even returned the cash!

Check out the video below:

@bruno_bulldogge My sincere thankfulness for the kind, honest, sincere woman whose dog broke one of my christmas decorations. This is my thank you to her reminding her we need more people like her in this world💝 #kindnessmatters#kindness#thankyou#viralvideo#dog#neighbors#merrychristmas#fyp#fypシ#spreadlove#giveback#honesty#ring#ringdoorbell ♬ original sound – Niko_Germanese

The kind person who left the cash was later identified as TikTok user @rwatson28.

While she may have been frantic and embarrassed over the damaged ornament, she revealed that her dog couldn’t care less about the situation.

Photo: TikTok/@rwatson28

She shared a video of her pup saying, “Me anxious and embarrassed apologizing vs the dog who broke it and doesn’t have a care in the world.”

Check out the clip below:

@rwatson28 Replying to @rwatson28 @bruno_bulldogge ♬ original sound – rwatson28

As they say, dogs will be dogs.

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