Camera Footage Reveals a Dog’s Bed Routine After His Human Dad Leaves the Room

Animals are highly interesting creatures — their personality and habits will pique your curiosity. It’s also one of the reasons why humans love to spend time with their pets. They will surely surprise you with their quirks, likes, dislikes, routines, and how they express themselves. Having a pet is like getting to know another person, and fully knowing them strengthens the bond even more. It’s easy to observe your cats and dogs when you’re a hands-on pet parent. However, there are things about them that fur moms and dads rarely have an idea about. The biggest question is, what are pets busy with whenever their human parents are away?

Photo: Youtube/Rumble Viral

It’s saddening to think that they only lay or sit around waiting for their humans to return. Do they just stare at the window? What do they do when they’re not in the mood to play with their toys anymore? Some pet parents install a camera to supervise their house while at work or on a trip, which is also for safety purposes. Through the camera, they get a glimpse of their pet’s life without them. But for one dog dad, he just installed a camera out of curiosity. He wanted to see his Australian Shepherd’s bed routine whenever he was alone in the room. Fascinatingly, Morty would close the door as soon as his dad was gone. It’s like he has been waiting for him to go so that he could proceed with his bed routine.

Photo: Youtube/Rumble Viral

In the footage, you’ll see Morty turn off the lights after closing the door. Then he would jump on the bed, find the perfect spot to lay down, then tuck himself in with a cozy blanket. His human dad would surely be amazed at how Morty came up with the routine. It’s as if the Aussie has been doing it for so long — he loves his “me time.” You can totally tell that he is a smart boy because he even knows sleeping is better in the dark or with dimmed lights.

Anyone watching the video will suddenly have the urge to lie down in a comfy bed. Netizens were astounded and couldn’t help but express their admiration in the comment section. Morty will amaze you as well after watching the video below. You might even get inspired by the idea of setting up a camera to find out about your pet’s alone time routine.

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