Woman Carries Her 55-Pound Dog On The Subway Using A Backpack To Follow The Rules

If there is one thing we know about people and their pets, it’s the fact that they don’t like to be separated. Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety we are apart and sometimes, so do we.

There are also times when we have the desire to take our dogs with us but we have to follow the rules when we do. That is true in NYC, where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority subway systems limit onboard travel for pets.

Photo: TikTok/@littlebearlumi

If you want to take your dog on the NYC subway, you have to keep them in “kennels or similar containers.” Those containers also have to be kept on your lap and it can’t annoy other passengers.

Another rule is that any animals you take on the subway can’t stick out of the container. That rule is being stretched to the limit by some animal lovers who don’t want to leave Fido behind.

Photo: TikTok/@littlebearlumi

One of those animal lovers is Jackie Hornung. She has become a viral sensation on TikTok after sharing videos of her taking her Samoyed, Lumi, along with her when she is out and about in the city.

She sticks to the rules to the best of her ability by putting Lumi in a backpack and carrying her like a child. Millions of people have watched her carry around her 55-pound bundle of love.

Photo: TikTok/@littlebearlumi

According to Newsweek, Hornung says her dog is 1 ½ years old. His name, Lumi is Finnish for “snow” and he looks the part.

She also says he enjoys the attention he gets while on the subway.

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@littlebearlumi Replying to @mjaucrame Big dawg. Big backpack 🎒 #fyp #dog #puppy #samoyed #nyc #funnydog ♬ Collide (more sped up) – Justine Skye

I guess there is nothing that can separate a human and their beloved pet, and this shows just how creative we can get.

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