Persistent Rottweiler Attempts to Catch His Owner’s “Scary” Shadow

Dogs are such funny creatures. Like cats, they can become fascinated and entertained by the most random of items.

Growing up, my dog was obsessed with playing with the sprinklers. For whatever reason, she loved to bite the water stream coming out, and she could be at that for hours if we let her.

Photo: TikTok/@his_beautiful_surrender

But another thing that would often intrigue my dog was shadows on the ground. If you managed to make a shadow puppet on the ground and she caught sight of it, it would fascinate her for hours. She’d just sit and stare at it.

But there is one dog that seems to go one step further. This particular rottweiler dog likes to have fun playing with shadows.

Photo: TikTok/@his_beautiful_surrender

His owner quickly noticed that her dog took a particular interest in them, and decided to get a video of him playing with them. It was quite hilarious to watch.

In fact, in the video, you can see the rottweiler getting very persistent in his attempts to catch the moving shadow.

Photo: TikTok/@his_beautiful_surrender

The dog is seen lunging and nipping at it but is never able to catch it – something that appears to really perplex him. Poor guy, maybe one day he’ll figure it out!

Watch the full TikTok video down below:

@his_beautiful_surrender #shadow #dog #funny ♬ original sound – His_Beautiful_Surrender

What do you think of this dog’s reaction? Have you ever tried playing with your dog in this manner? Does your dog ever notice shadows? Let us know!

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