A Border Collie Gets the Surprise of Her Life When an Octopus Grabs Her Ball

A four-legged dog is understandably intimidated by an eight-arm octopus!

Lucy is a Border Collie who came from a family of champs, according to her owners. She was adopted 6 years ago from a farm where her “grandfather” was a world champion and her mom a national champion.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Knowing how extraordinary she is, her human family would take Lucy on a 50-kilometer trail run every week and spend 2-3 hours swimming in the ocean and tidal pools along with her favorite tennis ball.

She is so indefatigable and intelligent, aside from being lovable and friendly, even to other animals.

But it appeared that this sweet border collie was not prepared for an unexpected event at the beach. She was playing with her ball when it rolled into the water. Lucy chased after the ball to get it back, but something else was able to grab it first!

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

An octopus appeared from under a rock, and it grabbed hold of the ball. It was the first time that Lucy saw such a sea creature, and her owners could see the confusion on her face.

Lucy allowed the strange creature to check out her ball.

Unfortunately, the inquisitive octopus was also mischievous. It took hold of the ball with its eight arms and disappeared under the rock.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Lucy looked at her owners as if asking what she should do. The dog waited, but it appeared that the octopus was enjoying itself with the new-found toy and did not want to let go of it.

For twenty minutes, Lucy waited. She was willing to make friends with the strange creature and share her ball with it. However, the octopus had a different idea in its mind — all of its nine brains from head to tentacles. It preferred the game “finders keepers!”

Eventually, Lucy accepted the reality that her favorite tennis ball was gone. Walking away, she must have been thinking that next time she would be strong enough to play tug-of-war with an eight-arm octopus.

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