Dog Alerts Mom To Toddler Opening Gate And Escaping The Yard

Some people say dogs are man’s best friend, but others consider them to be more that, like guardian angels. It’s true that there have been many stories of dogs stepping into save their owners or even strangers, including recently when a small toddler wandered away from the house and toward the road.

The incident occurred in Casilda, a small township in Argentina, and it was captured on video by the home’s security cameras.

Photo: YouTube/Telenueve
Photo: YouTube/Telenueve

In the video, you can see a toddler wandering out into the front yard with two dogs. Rather than stopping to play in the yard, the boy walks straight for the gate and lets himself out!

You can see cars passing as he walks along the sidewalk and out of sight, seemingly getting closer and closer to the road.

Photo: YouTube/Telenueve

It’s a terrifying situation, but thankfully, it had a happy ending and it’s all thanks to the family’s dog. As soon as the smaller dog noticed the boy leaving the yard, he ran into the house and began barking to alert the mom.

According to Telenueve, the one-and-a-half-year-old boy “left the house, opened the gate to the street and walked away. It was the smaller dog who warned the owner with his barks, the woman quickly went out and found him.”

Photo: YouTube/Telenueve

According to Buzzfeed Videos, the woman said, “In an oversight, my 1-year and 9-month-old baby opens the front door and runs away. Nothing tragic happened, I immediately went out to look for him.”

You can see the situation pay out in the home’s security footage below:

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