Hero Dog Alerts Biker To Baby Left At A Dumping Site

When you have a dog, you realize they are more than a comforter or support. Many times, they will protect you and do so to their last breath.

This was seen recently in a wonderful way in Cebu, Philippines. A dog did what it could to help save a baby, and people now call the pooch a hero.

Photo: Flickr/Hafsteinn Robertsson License: CC BY 2.0

On the day before Christmas, Blackie began barking and running after a motorbike riding along the road. According to a Facebook post by The Freeman, it happened in Sibong, Cebu, a province in the Philippines.

The motorist was concerned that the dog continued to chase after him and barked at him, so he turned his motorcycle around and followed him to a grassy area. It was a dump site, and he was shocked at what he saw.

A newborn baby was found wrapped in a towel with his umbilical cord still hanging from the naval. The motorist, Junrell, carried the baby to the police station and got some assistance.

After the Women and Children Protection Desk got involved, the baby was put under the care of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.

Not long after this event took place, local media groups started to look for Blackie. They thought he was a stray dog since it was reported in the media, but he was in a group of dogs that frequented the dump site.

Animal welfare group Hope for Strays also got involved in looking for Blackie, but they were surprised to find out he had a loving home, and shared about him on Facebook:

They had gone to the dump site to rescue the dog, but he had been rescued years before.

The dog’s owner, Lyndon Olingay, has nine other dogs at his home. He takes care of them, and even though he is poor, he makes sure the dogs have plenty to eat and are well cared for.

In order to help him, and because of what his dog did, Hope for Strays gave him $180 worth of groceries, $90 worth of pet supplies, and another $90 in cash.

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