Dog Wakes Up Utterly Offended the Moment His Owner Turns Off the AC

One of the factors influencing our sleep is temperature. And a way to improve the comfort levels of our sleep, or just in general, is having an air conditioner to keep things cool.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Tim Mossholder

And boy does this crazy dog enjoy his comfort. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s crazy_dog_eden’s bio on Instagram.

The adorable labrador from India has thousands of followers, and he went viral last month when his owner posted a hilarious video of him waking up the instant the AC was turned off.

The video now has almost 12 million views and over 4 thousand comments. It’s short and sweet, a perfect formula for a viral video.

A text is seen over the video that says “Reality of an AC addict” which, if I’m being honest here, is totally relatable. It starts with Eden sleeping soundly on his couch, and then the camera pans to the AC. Rather comically, a hand that’s holding the AC controller pops up from below to turn the AC off.

PHOTO: Instagram/crazy_dog_eden

The post itself is captioned in their native language, “Mera AC kyu band kiya,” it says. According to Hindustan Times, it means, “Why did you turn off my AC.” I just find it funny how the AC is specifically addressed as the dog’s property. No arguments there though. I’d give my dog everything she wants and needs to be as comfortable as she can.

Just the way that the dog looked affronted is funny to me. I mean, it felt like Eden was asking his owner how they had the audacity to turn off the AC while he was still enjoying his sleep.

And it seems like Eden isn’t the only dog in the world that appreciates a good, cool room. Many commenters have shared their own experiences with their pets, saying that their own pooches do the same when the AC gets turned off.

Watch the funny video below.

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