Sweet Rescue Dog Waits An Entire Year To Find A Forever Home

Life can be difficult when you are a dog living in an animal shelter. There are glimmers of hope when someone visits, but it often ends in disappointment as they leave.

That was the case with a dog named Sophie at the Seminole County Animal Services facility. When she arrived at the shelter, they thought she would be gone very soon but it would be an entire year before she found a home.

It may have even been longer before she found a home, but thanks to the efforts of those at the shelter, she got an unexpected boost. They posted a video that touched people’s hearts online and suddenly, she was adopted.

It all started in April 2022, when the 7-year-old American Staffordshire mix arrived at the shelter. When the staff saw her in her kennel and saw how friendly she was, they thought for sure that somebody would want her as a family member.

Weeks turned to months and soon, an entire year passed without a single offer to adopt Sophie. That is when a time-lapse video was put together, showing Sophie begging for attention in her kennel as people walked by.

The shelter spoke about how she was seven years old and was constantly overlooked in favor of younger dogs. They wondered how anyone could look into Sophie’s eyes and not fall instantly in love.

You can see Sophie going to the front of the cage and wagging her tail over and over again. Unfortunately, people continued to walk by and she had to go to the back of the kennel again.

Sophie was a good girl, but she was by no means perfect. When they walked her, she did tug on her leash but that was something that a little TLC and training would cover.

After a year passed, and the video was posted, the staff got some good news and they shared it on Facebook. It was on her one-year anniversary at the shelter that the good news arrived.

Somebody saw her on social media and knew they had to save her. 364 days at the Seminole County Animal Services, and Sophie was on her way to a forever home.

Now that Sophie has a forever home she is all smiles. I just love it when a story ends like this.

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