Dog Dumped At Shelter During Parents’ Divorce Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Not Going Home

It’s no secret that divorce can be hard for everyone involved. When kids or pets are in the picture, things become even trickier to navigate.

Personally, I know some couples who chose to split custody of their pets after a divorce because they both loved them so much. That doesn’t seem like a common option, though. Often, pets will go with one party – whoever they’re most attached to, or whoever has their name on the animal’s paperwork. There are so many factors at play!

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The arguably worst outcome is when a couple decides to dump their pets during a divorce. Pets are part of the family and it’s hard to imagine getting rid of them for any reason, but especially not during a divorce.

Sadly, that’s the situation Camo found himself in when he was brought to the Del Norte County animal pound. A volunteer group with the pound, Dogs of Del Norte County, shared on Facebook that Camo seemed sad about being abandoned. He didn’t seem to understand why his owners left him and why he’s not going home.

The volunteers recognized that he needs a lot of stimulation and doesn’t like to be left alone, so they partnered with a local law enforcement officer to get Camo out of the kennel and into work!

Camo here, with another pupdate! I've been keeping busy between going to work and the gym – a guy's got to stay in…

Posted by Dogs of Del Norte County on Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Months passed, and Dogs of Del Norte shared on June 14 that Camo is still looking for a home.

They said, “Hey, it’s me, Camo! Believe it or not, I’m STILL waiting for a family! I am lucky enough to get to go on field trips with my favorite first responders, and really love to be around them. But I can’t help thinking about how things used to be for me, when I had a home of my own. Unfortunately, I was separated from my original family during a divorce, and I still don’t understand why I’m at the pound. As you’ve probably already seen in my previous adventures, I’m a middle-aged pup who is pretty easygoing. I’m awesome with kids but not approved for cats. I just want to hang out with my very own human. Is that you?”

Volunteers with the shelter are blown away that sweet Camo hasn’t yet been adopted. He misses living in a home and is hoping to find a forever family who will never leave him.

If you’re interested in adopting Camo, you can contact Dogs of Del Norte County on Facebook here.

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