Tennessee DNA Lab Tests Dog Poop to Catch Owners Who Don’t Pick Up After Their Pets

A huge pet peeve with dog owners is that some of them do not pick up after their pets. Where this mindset is coming from is completely baffling. Who doesn’t understand that when their dog does its business, as its owner, we have to pick it up. Sure, it’s understandable that occasionally we’re left short-bagged when Spot or Marmaduke catches us by surprise and ends up relieving themselves not once, not twice, but three times or more.

Embarrassing? You betcha! A learning experience? Absolutely! But to just have the attitude that you’re above it all speaks of entitlement or being extremely obtuse; you make the call.

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A number of cities around the world have attempted to address the problem, whether it be on public streets, parks, or housing communities with leasing agents. In Knoxville, Tennessee, a DNA lab doing business as PooPrints is helping authorities identify the culprits of hit-and-run potty stops and fine their parents. Reportedly, the lab processes as many as 18,000 samples a month and has generated more than $65 million in fines for those using their services.

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So how would they possibly know to match your dog’s waste with your dog? Simple, DNA. It seems that more and more apartment, condo, or townhouse complexes — and maybe even some HOA neighborhoods — are requiring residents to swab their pets for DNA in order to have them living there. Sound a bit intrusive? Yes, but it’s all part of being a responsible pet owner in these communities.

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Dog Day Database

According to their website, communities wishing to get in on the program are encouraged to hold a Dog Day for swabbing pets in order to include their DNA. Each property has its own database to check against when waste is discovered. A member of the Community Association Institute, the National Apartment Association, and the Association Advantage Trade Partnership, PooPrints was founded in 2008, so they’ve been at it for a while.

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Animal Waste

Besides the inconvenience of stepping in it, dogs can become ill after coming into contact with another animal’s waste. When you consider that so many communities and parks have waste stations with extra bags and even brooms and scoopers available, there’s almost no excuse for not cleaning up after your pet.

If more people would get with the program, businesses and poop patrol associations like these wouldn’t be forming in the first place.

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