TikTok User Creates Affordable DIY Nail Trimmer for Pedicure-Hating Pup

If you’ve got a dog that hates having its nails trimmed, you’re not alone. Pet owners everywhere can relate. You can always take them to your vet or a grooming facility, but that’s going to cost you. If you can’t afford it or you hate doing it yourself, a crafty TikToker has come up with a great hack that’s already received more than 4 million views.

User @prettiestgirlinthesuburb decided to take matters into her own hands by creating an affordable DIY substitute for nail trimmers with a scratch pad. She headed to her local Home Depot and purchased 80-grit sandpaper and some wood glue. Assuming she already had a board on hand, she simply glued the sheet of sandpaper to the board, smoothing it out to ensure there weren’t any air bubbles. Once dry (we’d let it set overnight), she propped the board up and lured her dog over with some treats.


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DIY Projects for Pets

Dogs have a tendency to paw at us if/when they want something. It could be that they want to play while you’re busy. Once the urge strikes them they’ll start pawing your leg or knee until you pay attention to them. With this in mind, teaching your pet to paw the board shouldn’t be that difficult, particularly if they’re treat-motivated. Once they get the hang of it the issue of overgrown nails can be negated to some extent. You’ll want to make sure they’re not damaging the pads of those furry feet, though. You can always apply a paw protection salve or wax if it becomes a problem. Her DIY TikTok solution is helpful for apartment dwellers and people who can’t walk their dogs regularly.

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Photo: Pixabay/Sammy-Sander

Exercising Dogs

Obviously, regular exercise with your dog walking on city streets would alleviate the need for trimmings. If you have a patio or driveway that extends into your backyard (assuming it’s fenced) that your dog has access to it will help keep them trimmed as well. Another source is concrete porches that they enter and exit from will help keep them filed. It’s the simple act of their nails hitting the cement that wears them down just like a nail file. If you can’t walk your dog regularly, you can always consider hiring a dog walker. If it’s not within your budget to do so, TikToker @prettiestgirlinthesuburb‘s homemade nail-trimming device for dogs may be the helpful hack you’ve been looking for. Now you’ve just got to decide whether you’re crafty enough to pull off the project in the space you have to work in.

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