Man Creates Luxury Tiny House For Dog To Keep Warm In Winter

If you have a dog that spends any amount of time outdoors in the winter, you know that they can get quite chilly. Our hearts really go out to them, but some dogs just enjoy being out in the snow and it can even be hard to get them inside again!

That doesn’t mean, however, that dogs don’t need a break. In fact, some dogs will stay outside so long that it actually is bad for their health.

Photo: YouTube/Drew Builds Stuff

Just like humans need a break from the winter, dogs also need a break from the winter. Fortunately for a dog named Bailey, his human had something in mind that would keep him safe and still let him enjoy the great outdoors.

As shared by Drew Builds Stuff, Bailey had an outdoor shelter but his previous doghouse was not exactly what it needed to be. That is where his human, Drew Anger, got to work.

Photo: YouTube/Drew Builds Stuff

Fortunately for Bailey, his human just happens to have a YouTube channel where he builds stuff on a regular basis. Bailey was the target of his building activity this week, and he built him an upgraded shelter that had all of the improvements a dog could want.

Not only is the new shelter insulated, but it also has electricity and heated floors. There was even Wi-Fi in the doghouse. Quite honestly, I could live in it!

Photo: YouTube/Drew Builds Stuff

Considering the fact that Bailey lives in Canada with his human, it’s little wonder that he needed some heat outside. Thanks to this tiny house for his dog, Bailey will be able to enjoy the weather and go inside anytime he likes for some cold Canadian fun.

Check out the video below:

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