A Diver had a Remarkable Meet and Greet with a Group of Curious Tuna Crabs

Although scientists have already revealed numerous species of animals, there are still others unknown to humankind. The ocean is a habitat that accommodates creatures that remain undiscovered. This is because deep waters have extreme pressure that, even with an oxygen tank, it wouldn’t be safe for humans to explore. More sea creatures remain untouched and safe from the world above.

Photo: Unsplash/Johnny Africa

For this reason, humans and ocean inhabitants rarely have the opportunity to meet one another. If not seen at the shore or from a boat, the only other way to see them is to go scuba diving. Witnessing the wonders of the ocean floor is a remarkable experience, especially when you interact with the animals. Those encounters can be quite thrilling or terrifying — they will be important memories of your life. Moreover, scuba diving can lead you to unique interactions.

Photo: Reddit/AutomaticAd5811

On Reddit, a video of a diver was uploaded by AutomaticAd5811. The 36-second clip was informative and entertaining — mainly for those unfamiliar with tuna crabs. The footage showed a diver from La Jolla, California, having a meet-and-greet with curious tuna crabs. The crustaceans don’t usually see humans in their area, making the group express their curiosity. At first, the diver caught their attention with a starfish in his hand. The tuna crabs slowly approached him, and some touched the diver’s glove.

They came in groups, and all of them observed the glove. Some even became startled when the diver tried to move his hand. It was indeed like a small meet and greet — where the diver shook hands with their tiny pinchers. The friendly interaction has garnered 8,130 upvotes and over 200 comments. People in the comment section exchanged questions and answers — others even had fun with jokes.

BigBobby2016 commented, “It’s adorable how curious they are! For some reason, I hear voices like the toys in the claw machine in Toy Story when I watch them.” Couldn’t agree more! The video can be compared to an animated movie scene, and it can even be used as a reference for one. However adorable, some Reddit users pointed out how dangerous tuna crabs can be. But a person shared that it was safe since the tuna crabs were under the care of a marine reserve.

Photo: Reddit/AutomaticAd5811

“The cove by La Jolla has a protected marine reserve. A local guide once told me the sea animals all seem to know they are safe and will come closer than you might expect. I had a dolphin swim within 10 feet of my kayak, and seals practically snorkel alongside me. I was too scared of the seals and quickly got out of the water,” Born_Key_6492 commented. It was a reply to Turim’s comment about how the crabs seemed to be expecting food.

The ocean is truly a vast enigma. Sharing awareness about marine animals and their habitat can help people understand why the planet is worth saving.

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