Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” Ride Now Features Dolls In Wheelchairs

Disneyland is expanding its inclusivity in a big way by updating one of its most classic rides to feature dolls in wheelchairs.

According to CNN, California’s Disneyland updated the “It’s A Small World” on ride Friday to feature two dolls in wheelchairs at different parts of the ride.

Photo: flickr/HarshLight

One doll can be found in the ride’s South America scene, while the other is with the dolls at the end of the ride that feature faces from around the world.

ABC7 reports that the dolls debuted with the ride’s 2022 holiday version of the attraction, but they’ll be a permanent fixture.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

According to CNN, Disneyland Resort’s manager of accessibility, Erin Quintanilla, said that her team was pitched the idea to add wheelchair dolls months ago and the plan has been in action ever since.

Quintanilla, who is in a wheelchair, told CNN that they did everything possible to make the wheelchair displays as realistic as possible while staying true to the original designer’s vision. Quintanilla said, “I feel seen. I feel represented. It’s a monumental moment to have my community be in an attraction and represented. I teared up when I saw them in the attraction.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

While Disneyland in California is the only location to have implemented the changes, Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris are expected to add dolls in wheelchairs to their “It’s A Small World” Rides in 2023.

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