Heard the Amazing Story of the Feral Cat Colony in Disneyland?

Did you know that there are 200 cats in Disneyland, California, that have made this magical resort their home?

Currently, there are about 480 million stray cats all over the world. In the US alone — the most cat-populated country in the world with at least 76.5 million feline pets — the stray cats number more than 41 million.

Photo: YouTube/Second Star

In Disneyland, California, it’s amazing to learn that the idea of adopting the feral cat colony at the park came from Walt Disney. In 1955, when the magical resort was built, the famous American animation pioneer wanted to add a secret attraction to the Sleeping Beauty castle. But, to his surprise, there was a feral cat colony that made the place its home.

Not wanting to displease the public by getting rid of the cat colony, Walt Disney decided to adopt them and make them healthy members of the Cast.

Photo: YouTube/Second Star

Another infestation that faced the Disneyland Resort was rats, but to this crisis, the feral cat colony came to the rescue. They had spread their population beyond the castle, and they hunted rats all over the park at night. The good thing about these feral cats was that they were not fond of humans, and they often stayed in their homes until evening.

And so, over the years, the colony grew, and now Disneyland has around 200 cats under its magical wings. The park has provided protocols and regulations to keep both cats and guests safe. Every one of the feral cats has been neutered/spayed and vaccinated as well.

But, since cats are cats, some of these felines can be seen sleeping in different parts of the magical park. Guests can take pictures of them but are strongly advised not to come too close. The Cast members of Castle D Ranch have also been assigned to make sure that all these cats are healthy and happy.

Should you visit Disneyland, California, get your chance to see these amazing, feral “Aristo-cats!”

You can also watch this viral video from wildatheartcats!


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