Do You Remember These Discontinued Hershey’s Products?

Chocolates have become a staple in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

We’re spoiled with an array of choices when it comes to chocolate. Chocolates are irresistible, but some can still flop due to reasons such as people already having their go-to bars chosen. Even a beloved brand such as Hershey’s has a list of discontinued products.

Discontinued Hershey’s Products

Air Delight

Some of you are gonna be familiar with the taste of this chocolate if you’ve tasted Nestlé’s Aero chocolate. It’s basically the same concept, and people are even saying that the Air Delight is just a replica of it. Just like the Aero bar, consumers feel like this kind of chocolate is a ripoff, considering that you’re purchasing something that’s more air than chocolate.

Air Delight was made in the form of Hershey’s regular bar and Kisses and debuted in 2011.

Bar None

This chocolate bar’s original recipe contained chocolate wafers, milk chocolate, and peanuts. People seemed to like this recipe, but then Hershey’s decided to change up their formula and added caramel instead of a chocolate filling, and they opted to package it as dual wafers instead of one solid bar.

Bar None debuted in 1987, the recipe changed in 1992, and then it was eventually discontinued in 1997. For those curious as to what it tastes like, another company has replicated this candy bar using its original recipe.


Hershey’s Gold was marketed as an addition to their official Hershey’s bar lineup. Like white chocolates, Gold technically can’t be called chocolates, as they don’t really have… chocolate in them. They’re made out of caramelized creme, pretzels, and peanuts.

For fans of the sweet and salty combination, this candy bar is definitely for you. Unfortunately, Hershey’s Gold sold poorly and, according to a Redditor who visited a Hershey’s factory and asked around about the Gold bars, they were apparently discontinued not 3 years after they debuted.


It’s understandable if people call this the “M&M alternative,” because they’re just that. They’re basically mini Kisses but are coated in a colorful variety of thick red, orange, yellow, green, and blue sugar shells. This product also had holiday versions for Easter (pastel colors), Valentine’s (pink and white), and Christmas (red and green).

But like Bar None, the Kissables suffered from having their recipe changed. Kissables were introduced in 2005, but when the company decided to reformulate the recipe in 2007 in order to reduce its production costs, it changed how the chocolate tasted, and it no longer legally qualified as milk chocolate, so they rebranded it from “candy-coated milk chocolate” to being just “chocolate candy.” The Kissables were discontinued in 2009.


I’m having fun just saying the word “swoops” honestly. But the name didn’t help sell this chocolate. I didn’t get to nom these fun little treats, but people are terribly missing these candy slices if Reddit’s anything to go by. As you can tell by the picture, they’re shaped like potato chips, but there is 0% chips involved in this.

The only fault that Swoops had was that they were overpriced and overpacked. One packaged cup contained 6 thin chocolate chips, a 3.78 oz. box contained 3 cups, and they were being sold for $1.79/box. Swoops were swooped off the shelves in 2006, just 3 years after they debuted.

So did any of you get to eat any of the products listed below?

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