Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks To His Marine Dad For The First Time

A military dad returning home from deployment was greeted by a miracle: his son walking!

Marine Sergeant Jeremy Cooney is the father of a bright 6-year-old boy named Micahel who has cerebral palsy.

Jeremy had never seen Michael walk before, but when he returned home from deployment, that’s exactly what greeted him.

Photo: YouTube/CNN
Photo: YouTube/CNN

A touching video shows the moment Jeremy spots his son after returning home, and the young child is walking!

Jeremy can hardly believe it and embraces Michael in a huge hug the moment they reach each other.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

In an interview with Katie Couric, Jeremy and his wife, Melissa, recalled how they received a devastating diagnosis for Michael right before Jeremy’s deployment. Doctors told them that their son would never walk.

Jeremy said that Michael had “very limited mobility” with the use of a walker, but he wasn’t really taking to the walker when Jeremy left for deployment. “[To] come home to he’s walking by himself was a complete shock. Never expected it,” Jeremy said.

Photo: YouTube/Katie Couric

Melissa explained that it all started with Micahel standing on his own. He did it out of the blue one day and she encouraged it.

From there, he learned to take one step and then another. Now, he can even run!

Check out the interview below:

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