Scientists Discover Hundreds Of Dinosaur Eggs In India

It’s always exciting when you uncover something hidden for millions of years. That is what paleontologists did in India, and they discovered something that nobody would’ve expected.

According to CNN, while digging in the area of the Lameta Formation in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, central India, paleontologists uncovered 256 dinosaur eggs. They were in several different clutches found in a very tight formation.

Photo: Flickr/juggadery License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Harsha Dhiman is the paleontologist that discovered the 92 different dinosaur clutches. Those clutches were full of eggs, averaging 6.3 inches in diameter.

What type of dinosaur would leave eggs like this? They were from the Titanosauria, a longneck dinosaur that could reach 100 feet in length. Not only are they huge, but it also seems as if they are aware of their size according to what was discovered.

Photo: Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center License: CC BY 2.0

It appeared as if the Titanosauria nested similarly to birds. Rather than being separate, their clutches were together in a colony fashion, so the newborns were left to take care of themselves.

CNN reports that the cowriter of the study, Guntupalli Prasad, said: “Closely spaced nests would not have allowed them to visit the nests to maneuver and incubate the eggs or feed the hatchlings as the parents would step on the eggs and trample them.”

Photo: Flickr/Gary Todd

A number of the eggs had defects, including eggs embedded within each other. Those defects have not been seen in any other dinosaurs or reptiles.

Six new Titanosaurids have also been located in the area, adding to the find in the formation.

It is thought that the clutches were so well preserved because they were flooded with water.

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