Diesel The Service Dog Opens Bathroom Door To Be Near Mom And Then Does The Cutest Thing In Viral Video

Dogs just want to be near their humans at all times, no matter where they are. While some dogs will wait patiently outside a closed door, others like Diesel won’t let that stop them.

Diesel is a one-year-old pit bull who is a psychiatric service dog in training. His mom, Kristen, is a dog trainer and teaches the handsome fella new commands and tasks daily.

Screenshot: TikTok/dieselandkristen

He is a “purebred good boy” and never leaves his mom’s side – including when she is in the bathroom.

An adorable video of Diesel opening a closed bathroom door so he could see his mom was posted on TikTok and has been viewed over 1.7 million times. Kristen wrote, “He’s a 10 but he has separation anxiety…”.

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In the video, Diesel opens the bathroom door and proceeds to kick it open with his paw. Then he casually strolls in and proves he is a complete gentleman by turning around and closing the door.

Viewers were impressed and asked Kristen to share how he learned to close the door. Others said their dogs could open doors but not close them.

“He said you can’t have privacy but WE can,” commented one person.

Kristen shares tutorials on how to teach different commands to dogs on her TikTok page as well as all the places she and Diesel go together. These two are inseparable and share a special bond.

While Diesel is an obedient pup, he still demands food and hates being told “no”.

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Kristen is also proving that pit bulls make amazing service dogs. Follow them on TikTok for more adorable videos.

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