Depressed Shelter Dog Needs Someone To Restore His Faith In Humans

Thousands of shelter dogs are patiently waiting for someone to walk through the door and adopt them. While some dogs can handle the loud noises, strange smells, and constant commotion better than others, it is a stressful environment for all.

Marco, a handsome three-year-old German shepherd, arrived at SafeHaven Humane Society in Oregon along with several other dogs from California for a second chance. However, he is not adjusting well to shelter life and has become depressed.

No one knows why this sweet and friendly pup ended up in the shelter. He was taken in by START Animal Rescue, a nonprofit that transports at-risk animals from high-kill shelters in California to partner shelters in the Pacific NW, and arrived at SafeHaven at the end of August.

Shelters do their best to give each dog the exercise and care they need but couldn’t do it without volunteers. A SafeHaven volunteer, known as @therainabaina on TikTok, not only helps take care of the adorable pets but also posts videos to help them find loving homes.

A heartbreaking video of depressed Marco laying in the back of his kennel was shared recently in hopes of finding his person.

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@therainabaina wrote, “Marco is such a good boy but he is so quiet and depressed here. He wants someone to take him home. He doesn’t get excited when people stop by his kennel. He prefers to lay in the far back instead.”

All hope is not lost. One person commented, “You can just see it in his eyes. This gorgeous boy is waiting as long as it takes for someone to come along and love him.”

Photo: SafeHaven Humane Society

Every dog deserves a loving home and Marco hopes his person comes sooner than later. He just wants someone to love and asks the same in return. Anyone interested in adopting him can find out more here.

Out-of-state people can apply but must adopt Marco in person in Oregon…road trip!

Be sure to follow @therainabaina on TikTok for more videos on available shelter dogs. Adopt don’t shop!

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