New Mom Texts Deployed Husband Not Realizing He’s Standing Right Behind Her

A new mom was left in tears after texting her deployed husband about their new babies.

According to the Washington Post, Skyler left for a seven-month deployment in Kuwait with the Kansas Army National Guard.

Photo: Facebook/Cydney Cooper

During his deployment, he left behind his two kids, Leighton and Corbett, and his wife, Cydney, who was pregnant with twin girls.

Cydney was expecting the twins to be born while Skyler was deployed, but she contracted the flu and ended up having them prematurely at just 33 weeks pregnant.

Emma and Kyla ended up needing to stay in the NICU after their early birth, and Cydney was faced to handle everything by herself. Or, so she thought.

Photo: Facebook/Cydney Cooper

As you can imagine, recovering from childbirth while caring for two newborn twins in the NICU and two sons at home is a lot for a couple to take on, but it’s so much harder for one person. It’s hard to fathom how can one person could handle that on their own, and Cydney admitted that she was “hanging on by a string.”

One day while visiting her newborn twins in the NICU, Cydney got a text from Skyler asking how the babies were doing. Cydney had her phone out to text him back, but she didn’t have to because he walked in through the door and surprised her!

Photo: Facebook/Cydney Cooper

Cydney burst into tears as they embraced for the first time in months.

It’s such a touching moment, and you can see it for yourself in the video below:

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