New Course Helps Lower Levels Of Depression & Slow The Progress Of Dementia

A new course at wellness centers in Las Vegas are showing lower levels of depression and improvement in quality of life for its participants with dementia.

The free classes at Dignity Health wellness centers, called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, are aiming to slow the progression of dementia.

The patients have received more positive interactions with their family, less dependence on others, and the ability to maintain their independence.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now

One participant who has found the class very helpful is a man named George Patterson.

His wife, Cecile, says she knew something wasn’t right the moment he stopped talking as much as he used to.

After visiting the doctor and undergoing tests, George was diagnosed with a mild case of dementia.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now

Cecile says the course, which is one hour, twice a week for seven weeks, has been helping her husband tremendously. He loves attending it and is always excited to get up and get dressed for it.

George and all of the other participants improve their cognitive function through conversation, socialization, and physical activity with activities for memory and concentration.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now

“Studies show participants in CST are slowing their disease process at a similar rate as people who take pharmaceutical medications to slow the dementia disease process,” Lori Sutton, a Dignity Health Occupational Therapist, told 8 News Now.

If you live in the area and are interested or know someone who would be interested in taking this course, call 702-616-4922 for more information and to register.

Learn more about this incredible course in the video below:

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