Delta Airlines Appeased Passengers with a Pizza Party After a Frustrating Experience

Canceled flights occur for various reasons. The most common reason is hazardous weather conditions since airlines have no control over such a situation. Passengers must understand that the protocol is for safety purposes, and part of the crew member’s duty is to properly handle the situation and provide assurance for the passengers. As for Delta Airlines, they reassured their passengers with the help of an irresistible delicacy.

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Passengers were stranded on the tarmac because of a canceled flight. The delay in schedule was caused by a thunderstorm affecting hundreds of flights that day. Delta Airlines had to appease the frustration of their passengers, and the answer was pizza. The crew provided 600 boxes of pizzas for passengers on the tarmac and even the ones inside the Norfolk International Airport.

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Pizzas were also given to airlines near the area. The passengers showed their appreciation by posting the experience on their social media accounts. Pizza from Nick’s Place appeased the disappointment of hundreds of people. One TikTok video even went viral, and it was posted by Elizabeth Ochoa. She was supposed to be on her flight to Rome when the airline announced the delay. Elizabeth explained on her video the whole story and how a pizza party happened in the airport.


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According to Elizabeth’s interview with Fortune, their flight to Rome was delayed for 12 hours for various reasons. Aside from thunderstorms, a gas leak hindered them from flying on Wednesday. They were asked to reschedule their flights to Friday or Saturday with the promise of receiving $6,000 Mastercard gift cards. However, when she rescheduled her flight on Thursday, it got canceled again. That was when the pizza party happened.

“I travel internationally very frequently,” said Elizabeth. “I have noticed that because of pilot shortages, there have been a lot of cancellations or delays. But this was the first time I’ve had a pizza party.” The TikTok video has garnered millions of views, but the comment section is filled with mixed sentiments. Some users were angry because the action was only the bare minimum and didn’t do anything to help passengers with accommodations, nor did it cater to those with food intolerances.

Meanwhile, other users highly applauded Delta Airlines. Different stories happened that day, but all passengers received a pizza box. Appreciation tweets were posted, and Delta Airlines seemed surprised by the support they have been receiving.

“Airport station managers had the idea a few years ago, during severe weather, to order pizza for delayed customers,” Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said. “It has become one of our go-to tactics during severe weather.” It was also revealed that Delta Airlines opts for other methods too to make delayed flights less frustrating. The crew will give out bagels or hotdogs if the delay happens in New York. Families with kids are usually provided with a deck of cards or coloring books.

Delta Airlines genuinely showed their care for the passengers with this thoughtful gesture, making delayed flights a bearable occurrence. They won’t stop improving their services, but when it comes to weather conditions, the crew still has little control over such issues.

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