Community Rallies Together To Celebrate Last Birthday For 4-Year-Old With Terminal Brain Cancer

The town of Pewaukee, Wisconsin has rallied together, with supporters from around the world, to celebrate a sweet 4-year-old girl’s last birthday on earth.

Delaney Krings’ turned 5 on December 16th, but she didn’t have a typical 5-year-old birthday party celebration. She was treated to a huge parade, lights, food, and more, as people wanted to give her the best send-off possible.

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The family shared in a Facebook group dedicated to Delaney that it all started back in October when they took her to the doctor for a suspected ear infection. While the doctor did confirm an ear infection, things were much more serious than that. Further testing revealed the poor child was also suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Delaney, who was previously thought to be a normal, healthy 4-year-old girl, was given just 6-12 weeks to live. It was any family’s worst nightmare, and they knew if she lived to see her 5th birthday, it would be the last birthday she got.

Photo: YouTube/TMJ4 News

In an interview with USA Today, Delaney’s mom, Heather Krings, said, “This will be her final birthday…If she lives three more months, it would be a miracle. It sucks.”

To make her last birthday something special, friends started a card drive to give Delaney as many birthday cards as possible. People from around the world sent her cards and well wishes. Even the famous NFL football player JJ Watt got invovled, writing on Twitter: “Happy (early) 5th Birthday Delaney! From Arizona back home to Pewaukee, I hope you have a fantastic birthday surrounded by family and friends!”

For the actual celebration, the Krings and friends put out a plea for people to get involved in making the day special. They organized a parade that would include 150 vintage cars, several cakes, and some special guest appearances from Frozen characters.

According to TMJ4 News, the family initially wanted to celebrate her final birthday at Disney World, but her health took a turn for the worst making that plan impossible.

Thankfully, her birthday was still a massive success.

People shared photos of the parade in the Facebook group for Delaney and you can see how many people showed up in support.

Photo: Facebook/Cheryl Ann

She was treated to a gorgeous Frozen-themed birthday cake, courtesy of Beach Bum Bakery. An employee of that bakery shared a photo of the cake on Facebook so you can see it for yourself:

Photo: Facebook/Sarah Elizabeth

A GoFundMe was started to support the Krings family, so they can spend the last few moments they have with Delany without worrying about finances.

The family is hopeful she’ll survive to see one last Christmas.

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