That’s Karma: Boss Keeps His Best Employee from Being Promoted But Loses Him to Rival in the End

“What Persistence is: True persistence is hitting the brick wall, getting up, dusting yourself off, and realizing that you’re not going through it, so you have to figure out a way to get over it, under it, around it, or to blow it up.” ~Steven K. Scott, bestselling author of Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

The Original Poster with the username u/spoiltease is one of those who dream with persevering spirit. Building ambition, hard work, determination, and loyalty to their boss, OP thought the ladder to success should be quite easier with these virtues.

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OP didn’t expect that the very person who would betray him was the head of his boss.

Here is OP’s story: “While I was a college student in the 80s, I accepted a job as a second-shift Computer Operator at a large regional bank. The job duties were processing all the checks and payments, printing statements and checks, running all the backups, and so on. On the day I showed up for the job, I learned that I wasn’t getting that job but a lower one, in which I physically loaded the check readers, loaded printer paper, signed checks, burst forms, and so on. The Lead Computer Operator had apparently threatened to quit if they didn’t promote internally and give the job to one of the current people in the position I just ended up in. (They later got married, so you can probably figure out her actual motive.) But the Department Manager, Mr. Biggs, my boss’s boss, told me that I would be promoted to Computer Operator as soon as anyone left the position.”

Well, two years passed, and OP was still stuck in his position, and that was even though their company had already acquired another bank. And since the CEO had ordered that no employees would be fired, computer operators became rather too many. Because of the situation, OP believed Mr. Biggs’s words that he would be promoted this time, since he was the most computer proficient of them all. OP’s skills had been very advantageous to Mr. Biggs because of all the projects he had been doing for him, from which Mr. Biggs’s department was able to make a lot of savings.

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Another half year went by, and there was another vacancy. OP requested that Mr. Biggs recommend him, but he was told there were still too many computer operators and OP had to wait for more employees to leave.

A few months later, another vacancy, and OP asked for Mr. Biggs’s support again. OP passed the interviews, and the Programming department wanted to employ him. But something happened to OP’s disbelief as he wrote, “The Computer Operator who transferred there told me, privately, that Mr. Biggs went to the head of Programming and asked him not to consider me for the position because I was his ‘best employee’ and he couldn’t afford to lose me. The head of Programming told him, ‘No. I’m going to hire the best person for the job.'”

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To make the long story short, OP related after another interview, “The HR Director called me, apologized profusely, and told me they were giving the position to another candidate because he had a college degree. No, it wasn’t related to the position in any way. The degree was from an unaccredited college, which had actually asked me to teach computer courses there, which I’d turned down.”

But OP refused to be made a fool all over again as he continued to write, “Of course, I knew what had really happened, so I told the HR Director that I hadn’t realized how important a degree was and that I would immediately switch to part-time instead of full-time so I could take more hours of classes to finish my degree more quickly. There are no part-time positions in Mr. Biggs’s department, so it meant transferring to the department run by his biggest competitor within the company. She transferred me immediately at the same pay I was making in the previous department, and I never worked for Mr. Biggs again.”

Persistence pays off, but deceit and greed don’t pay in the end.

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