Firefighters Help Save Deer Trapped In The Sewer

Troy Fire Department was more than a little surprised when they received a call about a deer stuck in a storm drain.

The deer was peering out from the drain, but couldn’t seem to get himself free.

Photo: Facbook/Troy Fire Department

The Troy Fire Department posted a video compilation of the deer captioning it: “C Shift with a below grade rescue a few nights ago! This deer found himself in a tight place with no way out! You never know what the next call will bring. The guys are always happy to help! Best job ever!!”

The firefighters also shared a video of the deer being rescued from the storm drain.

Photo: Facbook/Troy Fire Department

A combination of blankets and straps around the deer’s body and head kept him from moving as he was removed from the manhole using a rope rig and some manpower.

It took a lot of effort, but the firefighters finally pulled the animal free!

Photo: Facbook/Troy Fire Department

After a successful rescue, the firefighters very carefully removed the straps and blankets, and the happy deer sprang to his feet and ran off into the woods.

It’s nice to have a happy ending where there could have been a tragedy, and it’s all thanks to the firefighters!

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