You’ll Definitely Say, “Oh, Dear!” When You Watch This Footage of a Deer Crashing Through a Classroom Window

Classrooms are memorable places for people because they’re a huge part of growth. Students are introduced to various lessons, and most kids start dreaming and learning more about themselves. It is a shared place where everyone learns more about the world and the other species that live on Earth. A child’s curiosity is triggered when discussing animals, especially when they find them fascinating. For this reason, they wonder about when they’ll ever see a particular animal face-to-face. Since they are interested in them, children will wish that they wouldn’t just see the animal only in books but also get to be in their presence.

Photo: Facebook/Evergreen Elementary School

However, meeting animals can be dangerous. Children must be taught how to treat animals so they won’t startle them. In one classroom in the US, a deer suddenly made an appearance by crashing through the window. No children or teachers were around, so no one got hurt by the crash. People from Evergreen Elementary School were informed of the intruder when they spotted the deer in security footage. In the clip, you’ll see how the deer surprisingly got inside the empty classroom — it even roamed around but had difficulty walking due to the waxed floors.

The Alabama-based elementary school uploaded the video on Facebook and told the whole story in their caption. “OH, DEER! Yes, that’s what we said when we arrived at school this morning! We had an unexpected intruder this weekend that undoubtedly wanted to see all the GREAT things that were going on in our school,” they wrote. It was also explained that the doe stayed for a couple of hours until it decided to exit the room through the window. The school also clarified that no one got hurt during that time, especially the deer. Despite crashing through the window, the wild animal did not acquire any injuries.

The CCTV footage caught the attention of the internet, and the post gained 8.4k views. Someone even wrote, “Oh deer!” in the comment section, which was a fitting reaction to the video. The deer that once was just in science and literature books paid a visit, but the students who’d be excited to meet her weren’t there. It was indeed an endearing intruder who hopefully has returned to the safety of its home.

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