Deer Finds a New Best Friend in a Rescue Dog and Visits Him Frequently for a Chat!

“Huey was a little confused at first, and definitely cautious,” Hollister Faulconer told The Dodo. “I would just talk to them both and make sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they just started talking over the fence!”

Huey is Hollister’s dog whom she rescued 9 nine years ago, and he has become very close to her but is wary of strangers.

Photo: Instagram Video/hollister_faulconer

Sassafras, meanwhile, is a wild deer whom Hollister has chanced upon eating seeds from her bird feeder. She then just allows her to fill herself up to make life easier for the deer, to whom she did also give a name.

But a pleasant surprise greeted Hollister one day when she saw that Huey and Sassafras seemed to be getting acquainted with each other. At first, there was hesitation, but Hollister did her best to make them feel secure as the two animals sniffed each other over the fence.

Photo: Instagram Video/hollister_faulconer

In the following days, the two animals are already becoming best friends forever! They meet and chat with each other over the fence with enviable sweetness.

At times, Sassafras even brings her two fawns when she comes to visit Huey.

“It’s absolutely adorable,” said Hollister. “I love watching them.”

To the two best friends, it does not matter that they belong to different species. What is important is that they find joy and pleasure in each other’s company!

Photo: Instagram Video/hollister_faulconer

Many Instagram users share the same feelings!

“IF WE AS HUMANS DO MORE OF THIS THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE!!!😍” one of them says with delight.

“Omg I love this so much,” another person expresses.

“Absolutely adorable,” remarks another commenter.

While this person could hardly believe the video: “Okay after looking at this again is this real? Did you really record this? Is that your dog? Did this really happen? Photoshop? Omg. ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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