No More Mountain Dew, Please! Kids Who Love Soda Pops Learned to Regret Their Wish

Coca-cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in May of 1886.

Pepsi-cola was invented in New Bern, North Carolina, in May of 1893.

But did you know that the origin of soda drinks goes back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome when interest in natural springs was first awakened? This was due to the medicinal benefits that people derived from drinking mineral-rich spring water, especially the type of mineral water that was infused with carbon dioxide.

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Since this discovery, many chemists and inventors tried to recreate the process of carbonization in laboratories. Joseph Priestly succeeded in inventing carbonated water in 1767, while chemistry professor Torbern Bergman came up with another similar process in 1771.

From then on, the world felt an insatiable thirst for soda pop.

Who else is passionate about soda pop? Kids! And in this humorous story, these soda pop-loving kids have learned to be careful of what they wish for!

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An Original Poster with the username u/ataylorm shared these kids’ story on Reddit’s r/Malicious Compliance, starting his post with the following details: “So a few years ago, when my 5 kids were still at home, my brother got himself in trouble, and his 4 kids had to come live with us. We started having a lot of issues with all of the kids just helping themselves to whatever treats we would buy. So if we went shopping and got some soda to last a couple of weeks, they might drink it all when we weren’t home and then blame each other for it.”

One day, according to OP, he and his wife chanced a sale at a big warehouse. They were offering a pallet of Mountain Dew on clearance for $0.39 per bottle. Looking at each other, OP and his wife concocted a plan that would teach all kids at their house a lesson they would not easily forget.

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The couple bought the entire pallet, which barely fit into their Mazda. Getting home, they told the kids that they could drink as much soda as they desired. Except they got just one flavor, and they told the kids that they had to finish the entire pallet before they would buy any soda again.

OP continued his post with a humorous note, “Of course, they initially thought they had scored big time. A month in, they were done. Daily complaints, begging for forgiveness, swearing they would never drink Mountain Dew again. After that, it was a good couple of years before we had to start rationing their soda allowance again.”

And so, it really is wise to be careful of what we wish for!

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