Clever Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language In Just 8 Weeks

Animals are smarter than we give them credit for, especially dogs.

Both old and young dogs alike can learn new tricks, and dogs can even learn new languages!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Seven-month-old Rafa, for example, has been learning sign language and picked up nine signs in just 8 weeks!

According to SWNS, 41-year-old Jo Le Page welcomed Rafa into her family back in June, but she didn’t realize the pup was deaf at the time.

After having Rafa for a little bit, Jo realized something was off. Eventually, she put the pieces together and learned that Rafa was deaf.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

While many disabled dogs are taken to shelters or euthanized, Jo was committed to giving Rafa the best life possible and working with her to overcome her disability.

According to MSN, Jo began working with Rafa on learning sign language. For 8 weeks, they studied various signs and Rafa picked up on 9!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

She learned commands for sit, stand, watch me, spin, give paw, lie down, come, stay, and safe.

While that’s impressive in itself, Jo and Rafa aren’t done there. Jo is planning to keep working with Rafa and hopes that the dog will go on to become a therapy pup.

Check out the video below:

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