Deaf Puppy Finds The Perfect Forever Home With A Deaf Family

They sometimes say that people tend to resemble their pets, and they often have pictures to back up that claim.

For a black-and-white Springer spaniel named Alice, however, the similarities go far beyond the color of their hair or perhaps a facial feature.

Photo: YouTube/mark morgan

Alice was abandoned by a breeder in Ireland. They didn’t want to keep her as a breeding dog because she was deaf. At the time, Alice was only eight weeks old and she suddenly found herself at the Blue Cross Animal Charity.

That charity, located in Oxfordshire, was concerned because Alice was deaf and it would be difficult to find someone to adopt her. She wasn’t able to respond when somebody gave her a verbal command, but Alice had a guardian angel and she didn’t even know it.

Photo: YouTube/mark morgan

That angel came in the form of a human couple, Marie Williams and Mark Morgan. They understood Alice and they wanted to give her a forever home because they are also deaf. When they saw her on the website, they didn’t even have to think twice about it.

According to the Gazette Standard, Marie said: “She was so beautiful and the fact that she was deaf just made us fall in love with her even more – we knew that she would fit right into our family.” She went on to say how she was crying when they visited her because she was cute and they bonded immediately.

Photo: YouTube/mark morgan

Right away, little Alice started to learn sign language. It took her almost no time to learn some of the basic commands, such as sit down, sit up, rollover, and recall.

Marie was angry that somebody would have abandoned her because she was not perfect in their eyes. They only had to put a little effort into this adorable puppy and she started learning.

Photo: YouTube/mark morgan

She went on to say: “I want everyone to see how well we have bonded to Alice and how well she is getting on – she is so special to us.”

You can see more in this video:

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