Being Deaf Did Not Stop Gabby Garcia From Pursuing Music and Thriving as a Marching Band Member

Living with a disability can make people think it will be their whole life. It’s the idea that the disability can limit you — hindering you from acquiring the life others have. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are a lot of inspiring stories about people with disabilities who thrive in their chosen careers. It may seem impossible, but they do well in their jobs. If they can make it possible, then so can you.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

The ability to hear is one of the most vital bodily functions a person must have. Without your sense of hearing, maneuvering daily life would be challenging. It can also cause fear of missing out, especially on interests such as music. Fascinatingly, a high school student from Fort Myers defeated the odds with her natural talent. Gabby Garcia was described by the school’s band director as one of the best musicians to ever join them. She was able to hone and showcase her talent for playing the drums regardless of her condition.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

Aside from being able to beat her limitations, it was revealed that Gabby accidentally joined the marching band. She aced playing drums even though she had no history of taking lessons. Based on reports, the marching band member initially planned to join a softball team, but their school doesn’t have one. It’s as if life really led her to where she’ll be able to discover more about herself. What sets her apart from those born with a natural talent for playing instruments is that her eardrums are entirely dead.

Gabby was given a chance to discover her talent with the help of advanced technology. At 10 years old, she had a cochlear implant, which allowed her to hear and explore the life she was meant to live. “She’s well on her way to being one of the best to ever do it at Fort Myers High School,” band director Lederian Townsend said. “Obviously, as a musician, you want to have your hearing, but she was dealt a hand that didn’t require that.”

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

She’s a junior ready to show her talent to the world as their band joins a New Year’s Day parade in London. Her life is a great testimony that anything is possible. Gabby is a true inspiration to deaf people, significantly to young ones who have dreams to pursue but still feel anxious about the future. Additionally, being surrounded by supportive people who want to make the impossible possible with you is important. Check out the video!

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