A Deaf French Bulldog Communicates Through Adorable Silent Gobbles

Special needs dogs need to be surrounded by genuinely caring humans. News stories about neglect and abandonment just because humans deem them less adorable than normal canines are immensely saddening. Blind, deaf, and paralyzed animals, as well as those with birth defects, never wished for their condition. People’s attitudes towards dogs should not be based on their looks. Every fur baby deserves tender loving care. Thankfully, those animals who were abandoned and homeless are taken to sanctuaries, rescue centers, and foster care. Various organizations are making efforts to rehabilitate animals with special needs. While dogs aren’t yet adopted, they still have a warm place to stay where their mental and physical needs are provided for.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Link, a French bulldog, found his support system in Snarl Rescue. He is a special needs dog who is deaf and has paralyzed back legs due to spinal cancer. Despite all those conditions, Link is undeniably charming and lovable. At Snarl Rescue, he is known for his gobble. Since he is deaf, Link does not realize that he is silently gobbling instead of barking. Although he’s difficult to understand, the rehabilitation center treats him with patience. They try to figure out his silent gobbles, which are usually sassy and have a bit of an attitude. Link won’t stop gobbling until he gets what he wants, like when he’s asking for his wheelchair. Snarl Rescue and Link have already established a way to understand one another.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

In the video with Good Morning America, they showed how Link requested to go outside in the snow. His back legs might be paralyzed, but he still gets to have fun. With wheels and skis, the French bulldog can enjoy the outdoors like any other canine. They even dressed him in the cutest clothes to prepare him for the cold. From head to toe, Link was in complete attire and it made him more handsome. Not only is he cute to look at, but Link is also known for having a strong personality. According to the interview, he is one of the first to survive beyond this type of paralysis. His condition may look complicated, but he is actually having the best time and enjoying life to the fullest.

Snarl Rescue should be applauded for its efforts to completely accommodate Link. They have given him an admirable support system. Despite the cancer diagnosis, Link is living and not just surviving. The deaf French bulldog isn’t the only animal with special needs at Snarl Rescue. They have given so much hope to their residents, which you’ll witness on their social media pages. Learn more about Snarl Rescue by visiting their website. There are many animals with special needs — listen and give attention to the silent gobbles or the loudest call for help.

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