Dave Grohl Helped Feed 500 Homeless People And Nobody Knew It

When many celebrities do something for the greater good, they blow a trumpet ahead of themselves and bring their publicist along. They may be doing something good, but they also do something for themselves at the same time.

It doesn’t seem as if David Grohl has quite such an agenda. He showed up at the Hope the Mission’s Trebek Center to cook food for the homeless on February 22 and nobody knew he was coming.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ryanw2313 License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Today reported on the event, interviewing the Director of Development for the mission, Grace Ancheta.

She said: “He arrived around 3 in the afternoon, and then he was in our kitchen. He was prepping the meat, he was cutting it up and he was there until he put it in the smoker.”

Photo: Instagram/@rvansleve

The meat ended up going into the smoker at midnight because he said it has to season properly.

Not only did Grohl help to cook the food, which he claims to be something he enjoys, but he also volunteered to serve meals the next day.

Photo: Instagram/@rvansleve

Ancheta referred to him as being “very gracious”; when people recognized him, he took pictures with them. She said: “He wanted no glory for it, he was like, ‘I just want to do this for you guys and give back in that way.'”

The CEO of the nonprofit organization, Rowan Vansleve, also said that he had a lot of respect for Grohl.

He spoke about how they got the best video from the Foo Fighters singer, wishing them well and cooking for people in the middle of a bad storm. Check out Rowan’s video below:

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