Redditors Educated a Father About Parenting and OCD After He Called His Daughter Weird

Mental disorders are now being given the same attention as physical illnesses. People have become more aware of how it hugely impacts a person’s life and relationship with others. This generation has been breaking the stigma, and seeing a therapist isn’t a taboo. You are not crazy or weird for having a chronic disorder. The brain is still an organ that also gets sick like the rest of the body — there shouldn’t be any shame whenever effects show in your daily life. No one must be called weak because they have depression. A person must not be deemed crazy due to bipolar disorder. People need support instead of judgment, especially from family members.

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Parents must be the first people to understand their child’s condition after diagnosis. Chronic disorders aren’t easy to control, which makes it harder for children since it’s a complicated illness. That’s why parents must educate themselves to provide better guidance to their children. However, a Redditor failed to break the stigma and being a better parent. His 14-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with OCD. OP wrote, “I will fully admit that it’s my fault for not getting her into treatment sooner, because she’s been insisting on everything being in multiples of 3 since she could count. Still, I can’t change the past, and now she’s got a diagnosis.”

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They consulted with a psychiatrist, but the child felt uncomfortable and scared, so they had to stop seeing him. OP did not have any issue with his daughter’s refusal, but he reminded her that she needs to manage herself well. “Since starting high school, her insistence on the number 3 has gotten worse, but she’s still refusing to do anything about it. Her mother and I are divorced and share custody, so I don’t fully know what’s going on at her house, but when she’s at mine, she can’t even walk through a door without counting her steps and tapping the door 3 times,” Comfortable_Bath_466 shared.

More issues arose after his sister complained about his parenting — she questioned how he was able to raise a “neurotic, out-of-control child.” It was already a red flag on his side of the family, but he still piled on by calling his very own daughter weird. He scolded her for something that a child can’t easily control because he got triggered by his sister’s comment. OP told his daughter to behave well and manage herself if she doesn’t want to see a doctor. His words badly impacted the child, and they did not talk for days. The mother was furious about what he did, which Redditors under his post said was warranted. He definitely was wrong and bad at parenting. Not because he had a child with a chronic disorder but because he himself is the problem.

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“Medical conditions aren’t weird. You’re making this about yourself by being concerned about how others view you as a parent instead of putting her needs first,” Short-Classroom2559 commented. “Therapy wouldn’t be optional. You’re an AH for that also. She’s a child. You do what is needed, not what she dictates. She didn’t like the first therapist, but instead of finding a new one you let her just stop going.”

Surely there are other child-friendly psychiatrists around, but he depended on his daughter’s ability to “control” herself. OCD is a serious disorder that needs professional help — it’s not a personality trait that she can hide.

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NoAdministration9410 also pointed out how it could cause childhood trauma. “YTA, and your daughter will never forget you calling her weird and how it made her feel.” Negative statements from parents always make a mark on their kids. His 14-year-old daughter would really feel bad about herself — thinking that she is the main problem. Did OP ever think that it was difficult for his daughter as well? She needs parental support more than ever. A parent has to do their research about the chronic disorder so they could actually help. Providing your child with a roof over their heads and basic needs is not enough. You need to make them feel heard, seen, and loved. Redditors couldn’t help but educate him, which he badly needs. The discussion is still open for you to join — advocating for mental health can start in the comment section.

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