Greyhound Rescued From Racing Learns To Trust Again

Despite the efforts of dog lovers and animal activists alike, greyhound racing continues to be a prevalent sport today.

The dogs who come out of the sport are often traumatized and in need of some serious TLC, but it can be hard to find families willing to put in the work to help them.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Darcy is one dog that made it out of the sport, but she didn’t come out unharmed. After the rough training and having little-to-no human contact, the poor greyhound was taut with anxiety.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to recover alone. Darcy was adopted by a loving family and it wasn’t long before she met her new brother, Hermes.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Hermes was also rescued from greyhound racing and he helped show Darcy the ropes of living in a home with a family. Even though Darcy was incredibly anxious at first, Hermes helped her adjust. Before long, Darcy was like any other dog and even became the boss of the house!

Eventually, things came full circle for Darcy because the family adopted a third dog who’d been rescued from greyhound racing: Xavier.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Together, Hermes and Darcy helped Xavier adjust to life in their home. They welcomed him in and made him feel comfortable, just like Hermes had done for Darcy.

You can see more of their story in the video below:

You can keep up with Darcy, Hermes, and Xavier on Instagram, @hermes.darcy.xavier.

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