Rescuers Help Stray Dog With Wire Wrapped Around His Legs

It’s easy for stray dogs to get themselves in trouble and sometimes, they just need assistance from a kind human being. That was the case with a large stray dog that had embedded wire wrapped around his front leg.

DAR Animal Rescue was there to help after they were informed about the situation. A group that looks after street animals in that town knew he needed more care than they could give, so they contacted the animal rescue group.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Ermioni with DAR Animal Rescue went on YouTube to describe the situation.

She spoke about how the stray dog was suffering and wasn’t easy to catch, mainly because he was fearful and in a lot of pain.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

They named the stray dog Sampson, and it seems as if they were the ones who needed the strength. He fell into a dry canal and 10 people worked together in order to get the dog out.

They knew that he had a serious injury but they didn’t know how serious until they got to the veterinarian. He had to have the wire removed because it had been embedded in his leg.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The wire was part of the snare left for wild pigs. It is made of steel and those traps are illegal in Greece.

Unfortunately, they were not able to save Samson’s leg but he did recover after the operation. He was taken back to the neighborhood where he could rejoin his pack.

They knew that people were looking out for the stray animals in that area and Samson was now neutered, healthy, and happy. He will continue to be a stray but they will take special care of him from this point forward.

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