Dog Left Behind When Family Moves Is So Matted She Can Barely See

Abandoning a dog is something hard to fathom doing, but it’s something many dogs are put through.

One poor pup in Greece was abandoned in an empty home and was so scared. She was left all alone for long enough to build a distrust of all humans.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Greece shared Beba’s story on YouTube.

Apparently, the dog’s owner left the house to live with family when he could no longer live on his own. Instead of taking Beba with him, he simply left the dog behind in the uninhabited house.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Poor Beba was so neglected. She wasn’t microchipped, groomed, vaccinated, or fixed. She really needed help, but she was so distrustful of humans that she didn’t want anyone coming near!

After seeing a Facebook post about poor little Beba all alone on the property, rescuers with DAR sprung into action. They were able to trap her and immediately took her to the veterinary clinic. She was so matted, it was hard to even see her face.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

After being sedated, it was time for the real assessment to begin and it was heartbreaking. The poor dog’s body was so thickly matted, it had’ve been incredibly painful for her.

Once she was shaved (which was no easy feat!), she looked like an entirely new dog.

While her physical transformation was incredible, her internal transformation is still a work in progress.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

DAR Animal Rescue shared on YouTube that Beba trusts “no one” so far, so she’ll remain under their care for as long as it takes for her to come out of her shell and learn to trust again.

You can watch more of her rescue in the video below:

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