Toddler Born With Rare Condition Takes His First Steps With New Prosthetic Leg

A toddler from Chicago who’s turning two years old was born with an extremely rare condition that left him without part of his right left.

Dakari Miranda has tibial hemimelia, which caused him to be born without a tibia, or shinbone.

His mom, Dawn, learned of her son’s condition while he was just 20 weeks in the womb. Doctors told her that he may need to have his leg amputated in the future.

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Dawn was terrified and distraught, but remained hopeful after researching more about the condition.

Her first worry was if her son would ever be able to run and play with siblings and friends.

“Over that first year of life, it became really apparent pretty quickly that the foot was really just getting in his way,” said Dr. Romie Gibly, Dakari’s orthopedic surgeon. “It just kind of flopped around and he didn’t really have any control over it, and it really prevented him from getting moving.”

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Dr. Gibly, along with Dakari’s parents, decided that amputation would be the best decision for him to live a normal life.

This past year, Dakari underwent an hours-long surgery to amputate his right leg from below the thighbone.

The surgery was a success, and soon after, Dakari was already crawling and moving with ease.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“When we went to get the cast off, the kid shot down the hall like a sprinter,” Dawn told GMA. “He was on the move and it was almost like he wanted to say I appreciate it, like thank you so much.”

Dawn said seeing Dakari’s happiness was a relief and let her know that they made the right decision to amputate his leg.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Less than eight months later, Dakari finally took his first steps with help from a prosthetic leg that a team at Lurie Children’s Hospital spent months designing.

As Dakari grows up, he will need to have his prosthesis adjusted over the years, but won’t have any limitations due to his amputation.

Hear more of his inspiring story and see his first steps in the video below:

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