Heartbroken Dog Who Lost Her Puppies In Barn Fire Cares For Orphaned Litter Like Her Own

A heartbreaking situation had a positive ending when a mama dog was able to foster and care for a litter of orphaned puppies.

It all started when Jessica Woodruff’s barn caught fire in Roseburg, Oregon. Tragically, the animals inside the barn (four goats, a pig, and a little of seven three-week-old puppies) didn’t survive the incident.


Speaking with Inside Edition, Woodruff said, “It all happened within minutes. It’s horrible.”

She believes the fire was started by a heat lamp that was keeping the young puppies warm. The puppies belonged to a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, Daisy, who was in another barn at the time.

When Daisy noticed the fire, she came running for her babies but it was too late. She was devastated.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Woodruff shared with Inside Edition that Daisy would return to the burned barn and sit where her puppies once slept peacefully. She’d whine and whimper, in total mourning and grief. It was heartbreaking to witness.

Knowing the pain Daisy was going through, Woodruff’s sister, Jacque Barnett, came up with a plan. She started searching Facebook for puppies in need of a new mom and that’s how she found Lorna Murphy and her eight puppies. Murphy’s dog had died shortly after giving birth, leaving eight orphaned puppies behind.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The families decided to introduce Daisy to the puppies and see what would happen. Incredibly, Daisy took to the puppies and treated them as her own! She no longer seemed sad or distraught, and the puppies had a mom to teach them the ropes and take care of them.

It was a beautiful win-win situation.

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