Old Dairy Cow Finds New Home After Farm Deems Her Useless

Life for a dairy cow can be brutal. They’re often forced to live in cramped areas and give birth to babies that are promptly taken away. The babies don’t even get to nurse usually because their milk is sold to stores. It’s a heartbreaking and widespread reality.

A cow named Helen was born into life on a dairy farm, but she was born blind. According to GeoBeats Animals, the famer decided to use her anyway, and Helen was forced to give birth to 14 babies so she could keep producing milk for people to buy.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

While most dairy cows are viewed as little more than a commodity that’s worthless after they’re no longer profitable, the farmer took pity on Helen. He formed a bond with her. When she was deemed useless and couldn’t produce enough milk, the farmer allowed her to live.

Life on the farm wasn’t great for Helen, as she was cramped in a little pen most of the day. But she was alive, and that’s more than most retired dairy cows can say.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Thankfully, the animal sanctuary Uncle Neil’s Home found out about Helen and stepped up to help her. They offered her a new home where she could truly enjoy her golden years like any sentient animal should.

Helen will never be forced to have babies only to see them ripped away from her. She’ll never be confined to a tiny pen for months on end.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

At the sanctuary, she can enjoy sunshine and fresh air. She can walk and play. She may be blind, but she can use her other senses to her fullest abilities.

You can see more about Helen’s rescue in the video below:

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