Insensitive Husband Accuses Wife Wasting Time on Her GED Without Any Chance for a Real Career

Some husbands are so intelligent that they use their minds all the time — forgetting that hearts are just as important in a marriage.

Here’s another viral post of a husband’s insensitivity — and incredible foolishness. The man’s ego is incredibly bloated that he thought the members of the AITA would side with him when he published this story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum.

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Here’s this man’s post under the handle u/Throwawaywifeged: “My (28M) wife (26F) and I have been married for close to 7 years. We currently have five kids together- 6M, 4M, 3F, and my wife gave birth to fraternal twins (son and daughter) a year and a half ago. My wife intended to graduate high school the year we got married, but life got in the way. My dad had given me an investor relations type of role at his company, so we were traveling a lot, and then after that our kids needed our attention.”

OP continued to relate that after the birth of their twins, his wife was bedridden for a much longer period than they and the doctors expected. Hence, they hired extra hands for the childcare tasks, which in turn gave his wife some free time.

After getting informed by her mom that the testing center where one of her friends works has been conducting GED tests every week, OP’s wife decided to enroll in a GED prep class online. With self-paced learning, his wife was performing better than in-classroom learning.

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Motivated by her performance in an online class, OP’s wife continued her education as her health improved. But OP has a different opinion, as he expressed in his post: “I would see what she was studying, and it looked pretty rudimentary, and I knew that getting a GED basically means nothing and that she probably wouldn’t be able to apply it to anything career-wise or commit full time to community college, where I doubt the job prospects for students are that great right now either.”

And so, when his wife finally took the test and passed and joyfully shared with him the good news, OP’s reaction was — NOTHING. He knew she could pass the rudimentary lessons, but they were simply that: basic lessons. And so, he just gave her a nod and went on working on an email for a client.

What was his wife’s reaction to his indifference? OP wrote these details: “My wife seemed to get upset, and I asked her what was wrong. She said I didn’t seem that excited, and I said that it’s great that she passed but I have been telling her that it would be easy and no big deal, but if she needed something to prove to herself she knew the high school concepts, I guess the money was well spent.”

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Well, his wife got even more upset since she had worked hard to be able to build blocks for a career. But in OP’s point of view, her ‘accomplishment’ was still meaningless since it was just a GED — and if she pursued college, she wouldn’t be graduating for several more years.

He ended his post with, “I just didn’t see any immediate applicability to her test, but I am glad she had something to challenge her while she was coming off being unable to fully care for the kids.”

This award-winning comment from PilotEnvironmental46 is the sum of all the harsh opinions thrown at this insensitive and foolish poster: “YTA. You are a major AH. Your wife is trying to look after five children and found the time to get her GED. Why don’t you let her go out of town for a week and see how hard it is to look after five small children? Would it have killed you to get up, hug her, and tell her how proud you are of her? Maybe take her out to dinner one night to celebrate? Wow. I hope this isn’t indicative of the respect you give her the rest of the time.”

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