Free Vacation? Not Enough for This Man’s Ungrateful Family, So He Walked Out on Them

Expect the ungrateful! Ingratitude has been prevalent since Biblical times, and so it should not be surprising to find it everywhere.

This dad just wanted his immediate and extended families to enjoy a vacation, for which he paid in full. The group of ten included his father- and mother-in-law, along with his brother-in-law, his wife, and their children. But it turned out into a horrible experience, with almost everyone complaining about trivial things.

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According to OP, who posted his story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole community under the username u/Murky_Ad_193, he had rented a truck and a big house with a pool for their vacation. Naturally, he and his wife selected the loveliest room, while his father-in-law and mother-in-law decided to stay in the pool house. Now, there were five more rooms left for the others — and that was the start of the trouble, right on Day 1.

OP and his wife were questioned for selecting the best room. Others complained about why one room had a bigger TV than the remaining ones.

Then, there was the issue about food. Why did they have to cook? Why couldn’t they simply order the meals they wanted? Why was cleaning up left to his wife and sister-in-law, although OP and his kids were also helping out? Meanwhile, his brother-in-law didn’t think he should be contributing anything to the chores.

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The complaints were endless: why they did not have a tour guide? why they should join those people waiting in lines?

The headaches were too much for OP, who finally decided to check in at a resort to be able to relax and enjoy some peace.

“I texted my wife and told her I would catch up with everyone in the morning at the park,” OP wrote. “She is mad that I left her to deal with those ungrateful greedy people.”

But she did join OP later, and when they got back to the house the following day, they cleared up matters to at least enjoy the rest of their vacation. “My brother-in-law has been told if he even looks at our room, he and his wife are going to a motel. In-laws were told to Uber wherever they wanted. We are still taking everyone out for one dinner, but all other meals not made in the house are pay-your-own-way. And brother-in-law is responsible for cleaning up after meals.”

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Finally. But the experience has taught OP and his family lessons that are as old as time.

Don’t expect gratitude. And stay away from ungrateful people.

Reactions from Reddit commenters:

“NTA. This is actually hilarious. You took a vacation from your entitled relatives’ vacation. Well, maybe you should have warned your wife and brought her along, and left the other relatives to figure things out for themselves. I can’t even fathom someone sponsoring me for a free vacation like that and saying anything but ‘thank you so much, let me get your suitcase for you, this is fantastic!’ Next year, tell them since the last vacation wasn’t up to their standards, you’re going to let them pay for this one and show you how it’s done properly :)” wrote MmeHomebody.

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“Holy cow, sometimes my mom or my in laws take us (me, partner, 2 kids) on a nice trip. We cook dinners, or pay for dinners out, buy groceries, make sure the ‘host’ gets the best room, thank everyone profusely at the very least. You are totally NTA. They don’t deserve your generosity. Glad your wife finally came around!” said MountainTomato9292.

Meanwhile, MollzJJ commented, “Same! Slightly different situation, but my sister has a beautiful condo right off a popular beach in Maine, and my daughter & I go up occasionally. Before we leave, I clean the whole condo top to bottom, including washing the sheets & towels, mopping, etc. I also leave premium ice cream in the freezer with a thank you note. My sister lives 10 minutes away from me, so I see her all the time, so last time we were there, my daughter asked why I always go overboard before we leave. I told her this is how to be a good guest. Leave things as you found them & express thanks. Be grateful, and you’ll be invited back again and again. (I now have my own key.) OP’s in-laws should be embarrassed, but some people just don’t appreciate generosity when it slaps them in the face. Maybe I’ll have a g&t tonight as a toast to OP lol.”

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