Dad Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Meets An Alpaca For The First Time

People everywhere have a love of animals and it doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small, it is just something that we seem to appreciate.

Of course, there are some animals that are more lovable than others, and the alpaca is included in that number.

Photo: flickr/Heather Paul

Perhaps that is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that one man fell in love with the alpaca when he was visiting Peru. This would’ve gone unnoticed, but he happened to text his daughter about it and she shared the exchange on Twitter.

If it wasn’t enough that her father fell in love with the alpacas instantly and couldn’t get enough of them, the Internet began chiming in on how much they appreciated the exchange and the animals as well.


It all began when Alexandria Neonakis posted the conversation on Twitter between her father and her. He was visiting Peru and stopped to see some alpacas but he wasn’t expecting it to be love at first sight.

She captioned the original post: “My dad is in Peru and having a meltdown over alpacas.”

After posting the exchange on Twitter, he also shared a picture with his daughter and she shared it with the world.

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